Бейонсе спасли во время чрезвычайной ситуации на концерте
The singer showed the audience its curvy shape.



Beyonce was in a difficult and embarrassing situation during her show in Warsaw, where she came to a concert tour On The Run II. In it the singer is accompanied by her husband Jay-Z.

In addition to his vocals and superbly delivered
choreographic rooms, a 36-year-old singer decided to surprise the audience with complex moving
decorations. But technology failed beyoncé, and right during a speech she
stuck on one of the fragments on a five-meter height. So as to go down from there
independently, the singer couldn’t help came to her stagehands and members of her dance troupe. They made a huge sliding
the fire escape, which decided to save stuck Beyonce.

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The singer had to climb down
the stairs back to the audience. When you consider that her stage costume
was a bikini that back looked like “strings” in
the process of the descent Beyonce demonstrated to the audience their “loin”
in all its glory. This scene caused the merriment of the audience and vividly reminded all
a similar scene from the second movie about Bridget Jones, where the heroine awkwardly slid down
the pole, showing my underwear.

Beyonce is a true professional bravely endured this
incident. By the way, during one of the previous concerts of his
show beyoncé blessed the audience with the message that soon in sale
goes a new joint from the album.In addition, she did not miss the chance to
from the stage to congratulate his eldest daughter, blue ivy birthday.