Бейонсе готова к разводу с Джей-Зи

Beyonce and Jay-Z regularly appear at the games, relax with my daughter and family portray happiness as they can, however, insiders claim that their marriage is falling apart. A source close to the family of artists, claims that the singer, ever come close to divorce, and it became very obvious during the last family dinner this weekend.

The source, which is “lucky” to be the guest of celebrities, referred to the voltage that prevails in the house Beyonce and Jay-Z.
“On Saturday they had a party, they invited a little more than ten guests, consisting of relatives, friends and business partners. It is unlikely that they were so far away from each other, as in the evening.
For whole evening they barely exchanged a few crystals. Beyonce complained about tasteless dinner hosted by the husband and stated that her people have never cooked a disgusting food. Jay-Z is also very dismissive spoke to his wife and disappeared before I go home. The rest of the night Beyonce spent alone” — said the insider.
This is not the first time the sources reported disturbing information about the marriage of beyoncé and Jay-Z. Earlier they talked about that the spouses have been living separately in his rented house in California. Allegedly the rapper all the time lost in the evenings, and the singer is giving him a scene of jealousy in the presence of strangers.

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