Beyonce continues to fight for her daughter’s name

Бейонсе продолжает бороться за имя своей дочери

American singer Beyonce gave birth to their children only last week and should return to routine chores. So, the artist continued the trial with event-company, engaged in the organization of events and bearing the name blue ivy.

Recall that in last year’s beyoncé, as a celebrity, I wanted to make my daughter’s name brand, but are unable to do it, because in the five years before the advent of girls to light a Veronica Morales called that name my company and registered it as a trademark. Of course, the court sided with the first owner, but Beyonce did not give up and asks the court to deprive Morales of the right of ownership of the brand.
Wernicke says that the wife previously had not planned to use “Blue Ivy” for sale any products, they just want that other users could not make on behalf of their daughter. In proof of his words, she gave an interview Jay-Z edition of Vanity Fair, the girl’s father where he talks about it. But Beyonce refers to the fact that Veronica Morales late filed documents not appealed the request of a celebrity, and so the artist asks for the right to trademark it and not the owner of the event company.