Beyonce allowed her 4-year-old daughter to attend the birth

Бейонсе разрешила своей 4-летней дочке присутствовать при родах
The singer still doesn’t know the gender of their yet unborn twins.

Бейонсе разрешила своей 4-летней дочке присутствовать при родах



Beyonce with daughter blue ivy


As told to the reporter
the online edition of the Daily Star one of the girlfriends of beyoncé, the singer wants her yet
the only daughter is certainly present in the birth of twins,
which spouse Jay-Z should produce in the near future.

As told by a friend
Beyonce, who announced her pregnancy in February of this year, she feared that 4-year-old blue ivy will feel the “extra” and will
jealous mother to a newborn. As decided by the singer, this can be avoided,
if the girl feels involved in the process of birth
twins. So blue ivy could present in the delivery room, the parents pre-ordered for her “form
nurses” tiny size — no more no less, as a Givenchy, and it was worth it,
allegedly not less than 900
pounds. However, the money of Beyonce and her husband
more than enough, besides, they have never skimped on her daughter.

Curiously, grandma blue
Ivy, Tina Knowles — recently confessed,
that not only she, but she is beyoncé still does not know the gender of the twins.
“However, I will be happy regardless of who will be sent to us by God. I
looking forward to when it will happen!” — said Tina. Though
parenting twins, especially as they are quite small — a real challenge for any
women, mother Beyonce is sure that her daughter will cope with all difficulties. “She’s a wonderful mother. I just admire her parenting skills,
patience and kindness!” — said Tina.