Бэтт Мидлер заявила о смерти Ким Кардашьян

Actress Bette Midler and Kim Kardashian have an uneasy relationship.

Bette often negatively expressed in the address of the stars of the reality show, considering it vulgar and unworthy of widespread attention.

Recently Midler spoke again about the representative of the Kardashian clan, however, not to criticize. The actress announced the death of Kim!

“Crazy!” — you might think. Kardashian is alive and well. But no! Information about the death of Kardashian’s true, if you take into consideration that we are not talking about the famous media person, and about the chicken that lived in the backyard Midler.

“We have the Kardashian sisters are our chickens — admitted 70-year-old actress. – Kim died of infection, but we still have the rest”.

We will remind, spring of this year, after the publication of his first Kardashian for a few months Nude photo, Midler criticized the star to smithereens, noting that the naked big booty she is hard to surprise anyone.

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