Лучший друг жестоко "развёл" Ольгу Бузову (видео)
Not long ago, Olga Buzova announced one of his closest friends that he had no chance at love, and he harshly was being facetious in response to March 8.

Лучший друг жестоко "развёл" Ольгу Бузову (видео)

We are talking about Denchik, which follows Olga Buzova almost relentlessly, taking her in the dressing room, recording studios and so on. As it is in the underground Parking lot of the supermarket Denchik wanted to do Buzova a nice gift, but Olga turned it into a joke, saying that he had no chance, but money on it he can continue to spend.

Лучший друг жестоко "развёл" Ольгу Бузову (видео)

Buzova and then remembered that I forgot to buy some perfume.

The spirits appeared in her dressing room on March 8. Moreover, it was not fresh.

After Olga received gifts in her instagram, we got the following recording: “I Promised myself never to listen to men.”

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