Ekaterina Skulkina unexpectedly likened himself to a snail

Екатерина Скулкина неожиданно сравнила себя с улиткой
40-year-old star of KVN Ekaterina Skulkina never lose his sense of humor and can laugh at themselves.

Екатерина Скулкина неожиданно сравнила себя с улиткой

The media often write about the appearance of Catherine discussing her figure and the constant increase, weight loss.

Екатерина Скулкина неожиданно сравнила себя с улиткой

She Skulkin prefers to speak about the great, about love, soul and good mood. Today she shared with subscribers of the verse, which is very accurately conveyed her mood:

“I’m in the “stupid snail”
“The rain was bucketing down.
I opened the gate
And saw in the yard
Silly Snail.
Tell her: — Look!
You do get wet in a puddle…
And she told me from inside:
— It’s outside!
But within me spring,
The day is beautiful.
She answered me
Out of the shell close.
Say: — darkness Everywhere
No escape from the cold! —
And she answered: — Nothing.
It’s on the outside!
And inside of me comfort:
Roses bloom
Birds sing wondrous
Dragonflies and glitter!
— Well, sit up by myself!
I said with a smile
And said goodbye to funny
Silly Snail…
The rain stopped long ago.
The sun — halfway around the world…
And inside me is dark,
Cold and damp.”
A. Usachev”

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