Бенедикт Камбербэтч намерен судиться с соседями

Famous people often find it difficult to get along with their neighbors. Living next to celebrities people think that they paid excessive attention of the press, on this basis can even cause quarrels and scandals.

Recently could not find a common language with their neighbours, star of the TV series “Sherlock” Benedict Cumberbatch. The occasion was started to repair the town house of the actor, which he recently purchased for $ 4.4 million.

It is reported that Cumberbatch intends to convert the loft to make another bedroom. In addition, the outside of the house he is going to attach the “communication room”, where will be located the boiler room. It caused discontent among neighbors. According to the Council tenants, the boiler not only spoil the appearance of the building, but will disturb others with their noise.

Benedict resent the fact that his neighbors dictate the rules to him. The result: the actor threatened that if his redevelopment plan would not be approved by them, he will go to court.


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