Том Хиддлстон рассказал о дружбе с принцем Уильямом

Probably many of us would like to be able to flaunt a friendship with a celebrity. But friendship with whom can boast of a people who themselves are the stars of world scale? With members of the Royal family. Exactly this the other day and made a charming Brit Tom Hiddleston.

At the moment, Hiddleston is busy promoting her new movie “I saw the light”. On the topic of the project That talked to British journalists. In conversation somehow surfaced the topic of communication of the actor with the heir to the throne Prince William.

As it turned out, Tom and William, were students of a private school for boys – Eton. In school they sometimes talked, but after the release of this communication has been reduced to a minimum: “I Think Prince William is very busy today, and he has more important things to do than to hang out with me! But sometimes I see him at film premieres, it’s nice. In friendship, which tied the school is something special because from an early age you are away from home, so the ties that are formed here are very strong. Friends whom I first met in high school, today the closest people to me, and when I see them, we continue to communicate as before, though sometimes not seen each other for many years.”

We will remind, on friendship with Prince William also told another famous Briton, Eddie Redmayne.

According to information published on the website of the Daily Mail, in College the guys were quite friendly, but after graduation life took them separate ways.

“We were buddies in College,” said Redmayne. — But not seen since. And even no message. In 1997 we were on the same Colts team B. I’m always a little sympathetic to will, because everyone wanted to beat the future king of England. But he fought off all attacks. Sure will was more intimidating than I am. I do not think that my life could scare anyone. We have not seen each other since the students, but he was a nice man.”


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