Бенедикту Камбербэтчу и Конан Дойлу приписывают родство Western scholars assert that the star of the acclaimed TV series is a relative of the writer of the book, based on which the picture was created. Experts came to the conclusion that these two people have common ancestors. The world media immediately spread the information, because it turned out to be especially important after the premiere of the new season of the series.

      Historians in the field of genealogical research are convinced that Arthur Conan Doyle, and Benedict Cumberbatch – relatives. To such conclusion experts have come, when randomly discovered that they have a common ancestor, which, I must say, became famous thanks to its position in society. This relative was John Gonski the Duke of Lancaster, fourth son of king Edward III. As soon as the experts collated all the facts, they came to the conclusion that Gonski removed through the family tree of the actor on the 17 generations. On the same line we found an Association of the representative of royalty by Arthur Conan Doyle.

      Benedict Cumberbatch to become a father for the second time

      The Western media has responded with interest to the revealed facts. They immediately disseminated the information to all the social networks, knowing that the fans of the TV series “Sherlock” will vividly react to the incident, since January 1, had its world premiere. No direct evidence that the information is accurate, no, but she gave such publicity in connection with the release of the fourth season of the detective Saga.

      According to Western sources, Benedict Cumberbatch is therefore not only a distant relative of the author of the celebrated book, but the Royal dynasty. Not all blindly believe unexpectedly revealed facts. This information is still unconfirmed. Anyway, it helped to increase the popularity of the fourth season of the film before its release on screens. Does this have some connection with the premiere of the new “Sherlock” to judge is not necessary.

      It should be noted that the first to the fourth series of “Sherlock” viewers perceived ambiguously. Many believe that writers mark Gatiss and Moffat Stiver could not pull the film at the desired level. Others, however, are convinced that the work was brilliant and Cumberbatch did their role.