Бен Аффлек заявился на телешоу пьяным
The actor has not passed check on durability.

Ben Affleck

The other day Ben Affleck was seriously disappointed fans by appearing on a sports talk show, HBO’s drunk.

Ben shook the presenter of the TV show bill Simons: guest
in this state, his show was not. 43-year-old Affleck stammered, his language slurred”
in the most simple words… And to the horror of the presenter, the guest is profusely peppered his speech broadcast obscene language.

And some of the statements the actor looked more than strange. For example, he said that he was offered to become a Director
the latest to date part of the franchise “Star wars”, but he refused — he is supposedly not interested! In this
of course, one might believe, however, on this sentence, somehow, no one before
still was not known. Revelation Affleck is much more like
bragging on a normal drunk person. And look, the actor doesn’t matter: his face
it was red and swollen…

Rumor has it that Ben entered the next round of the “spiral of self-destruction”. Happened after last summer’s scandal over cheating on his wife and mother of his children Jennifer garner’s nanny Christine ouzounian, Affleck tried to behave approximately. After his divorce with his wife is still not completed, and
allowing anything questionable from the point of view of morality, he could lose the right
joint custody of children. Moreover, as reported by foreign media, the garner, which
was impressed with the efforts of her husband to mend, even thought to cancel

Alas, in the end, Jennifer, according to her friends, still
came to the conclusion that Ben can not be trusted, because its behavior is unstable.
Having made the decision to abandon the recovery of the family, she punched in
your home new locks … And apparently I was right. Just a few days
after that, Ben showed up on the TV show “tipsy”.

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