Beloved Olga Buzova video Wi-Fi has become a father for the fourth time

Возлюбленный Ольги Бузовой из клипа Wi-Fi стал отцом в четвертый раз Jeremy Meeks shared a joyous event. The most beautiful criminal, starring in music video Olga Buzova, said that he and his girlfriend Chloe green was born a boy. The star couple has asked fans not to disturb them at such an important period.
Возлюбленный Ольги Бузовой из клипа Wi-Fi стал отцом в четвертый раз

Jeremy Meeks has become a star of social networks. Man is considered the most attractive criminal in the world. At the beginning of 2018, he came to Moscow to play in the next clip Olga Buzova Wi-Fi. Song and video quickly became a hit.

However, the Mix decided not to stay long in Russia, and after a couple of days went back to the United States. There he waited for girlfriend Chloe green, who at that time was already in an interesting position. The couple chose not to comment on the pregnancy of a young woman, so the news that they had a son, for many was a complete surprise.

“We are pleased to announce the birth of our beautiful baby boy Jayden Mix green. He was born may 29, 2018. Mom and baby are all well. We ask you to respect our privacy. With love, Chloe and Jeremy,” wrote the beloved Jeremy on Instagram.

Earlier it became known that Meeks and green are planning to organize a luxury wedding in Monaco. However, fans did not wait for large-scale celebrations. Perhaps the celebration was postponed because of the pregnancy, Chloe.

For a young woman the child was the firstborn, but Jeremy already has three children from a previous relationship. With his wife Melissa, the man broke up after he became incredibly popular.

Rumors of a romance Mix with the billionaire heiress Chloe green appeared at the end of 2016. Then a businesswoman condemned, because Jeremy had a controversial reputation. However, she did not pay attention to the wave of negativity. As a result, despite numerous rumors, the relationship of lovers is still going on.

In Russia, Jeremy Meeks became popular after starred in the video Olga Buzova Wi-Fi.

“We have been planning the shooting and considered different options of the actors. When I stumbled on the page Jeremy, you said: “I Will shoot only with him!” Jeremy is the most handsome man in the world, the most beautiful bad boy (a bad boy. – Ed.). We contacted Jeremy through the Manager, then had a private meeting. He liked the song, and he agreed to participate”, – said Olga before the premiere of the clip.

The music video has become incredibly successful and has garnered over 17 million views. By the way, after the presentation of the video there were rumors about the novel Buzova with the Mix, because on the set between them obviously have chemistry. Now, however, Jeremy is not up to future novels, because he is fully engaged in the upbringing of the child.