Beloved Gleb Samoilov confused with Natalia Oreiro

Возлюбленную Глеба Самойлова путают с Натальей Орейро The girl is incredibly similar to the well-known singer. A journalist Tatyana Larionova, who’s Dating a rock musician Gleb Samoilov, for the first time saw my favorite Natalia Oreiro.

      Возлюбленную Глеба Самойлова путают с Натальей Орейро

      Despite the outrageous behavior on stage, in the life of Gleb Samoilov knows how to be serious and faithful man for his beloved. The rock musician is not the first year meets with the journalist Tatyana Larionova. The star of the nineties have had the need to protect his darling from the attacks of fans who would kill to be in her place.

      However, in recent years more and more discussions surrounded by the singer causes the appearance of his girls. The fact that Tatiana as two drops of water similar to the famous singer and actress Natalia Oreiro. The star of the TV series “Wild angel” is well known and loved in Russia. She often visited us with concerts and every time collects full halls. Apparently, Larionov is one of the fans of the actress, as a coincidence the similarity with Uruguayan celebrity is unlikely to be.

      Not so long ago admirers of Gleb Samoilov and all could see that his lover is a real double Natalia Oreiro. Star came to Russia to participate in the big show “disco 90s”. There Larionova had the opportunity to meet and take a picture with your favorite.

      Возлюбленную Глеба Самойлова путают с Натальей Орейро

      “I was sitting at home with a temperature of 39, was reading a new book about Jeffrey, hardly oriented in space. Everything hurts. At the end of the day – a call from a friend: “You’re Oreiro going?” – “No, I’m sick unto death!” – “Come on, I’ll introduce it”, “Go”. Time replying to all the questions: Yes she responded appropriately, she was more concerned about my health since I went to medical the bandage and removed it only for pics. Yes, people confuse us, and it’s embarrassing and funny at the same time”, – shared his impressions about the meeting with Oreiro Larionova in his microblog.

      However, subscribers Tatiana in the comments notice not only the similarity of the girl with the star series. They also drew attention to the fact that her ring finger adorned with the ring, very reminiscent of a wedding. Some even suggested that Gleb Samoilov and his girlfriend hosted a secret wedding. Such thoughts attentive followers of the girl also gave a picture of her with a bouquet of color and signature as in a couple’s life it is special day. However, these conjectures Larionov left unanswered.

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