За кадром: как снимали Аллу Пугачеву в ванной для шоу Галкина

All about how the shooting took place of the acclaimed movie, an exclusive “Antenna” said creative Director Sergei Ivanov.

The video literally blew up the Internet. Pugacheva, Galkin highlight of the project “Maximmaxim” will appear for a few seconds, but her phrases and antics – as a seasoning to the sauce. So this time lit. Appeared on the screen fresh and naked, hiding under a rich foam. Stirred the imagination of his appearance: as filmed, really really quite without clothes, and how, and what. But what our correspondent asked directly all the urgent issues.

About filming shared with “Antenna” creative Director Sergei Ivanov. It turns out that Alla thought up this scene!

— We wanted to immerse in water maxima in the image of Jack Sparrow, but, on hearing this, Alla said: “it is Not necessary to immerse it anywhere! I for Maxim in the tub climb!” Moreover, all of his lines: “why, pirate, sea confused?”, “Maxim, Maxim, you’re not boring” – she came up with. And still her thing, when the final playfully blowing on the foam to the side Galkin.

Clip we shot in their family castle. It lasts 40 seconds, and the work on it took about three hours. Just for prosthetics Maxim took two. But the shoot took about 30 minutes. Alla she adjusted a comfortable temperature of water in water was diving when the bathroom was empty, so, what exactly is she wearing at the time of shooting, it is hard to say. And believe me: Pugachev in great shape. No photoshop we did. As filmed, and showed it so now looks like a Diva.

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