Emin escaped from the store without paying

Эмин сбежал из магазина, не заплатив

But do not worry, the singer did not break the law. His escape from the store was staged specially for the video shoot.

What an example to us serves the stars! Recently on the set of their new clip of Emin escaped from the grocery store without paying. Then there’s Bedlam in the centre of Baku staged. Feeling mischievous he was, you know, wanted. And all because in the story his character fell in love and, as often happens, lost his head.

“Song “Next to Wake up” reflects my inner state now. Despite the apparent minorest, it causes only positive emotions. And it was positive I wanted to see a video on it”, – said Emin.

Much to the delight of the creative team and the actor, the video turned out exactly what was intended – a sincere, positive and very beautiful. And although the basis of it went to the classic romantic story of meeting men and women, the Director managed not only to show her unpredictable, but also to accurately reflect the image of the artist in her. Emin played the leading role and his partner made a young model and actress Kristina Gontar.

“Usually the shooting is hard work for me, but this time it was held in one breath. I liked to play, because you don’t have to play any roles – I’ve just been myself and enjoyed it all. Thank you so much for this Christine – it perfectly coped with the role, and all looked natural, despite the fact that for the first time we met on the day of filming,” – said Emin.

The shooting took place in Baku, the hometown of the artist. Was given the most difficult scenes in the old town. The roads were full of tourists and locals, every second I wanted to get a photo with the pop star.

“It seemed to me, on that day I will softography to death!” laughed the actor, who, it is worth noting that no one was denied a photo.

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After two intense days the clip was shot and a close-knit creative team, consisting of more than 30 people, did not want to leave – so nice everyone was to work together and so was in pain for the result.

“We were lucky in everything, even the weather for us has changed, and we were able to shoot stunning sunset. Nice when everything works as a cohesive mechanism, and this certainly affects the result, which I am very happy,” concluded Amin.

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