Перед смертью Антон Ельчин сыграл роль водителя-психа

The life of a 27-year-old Hollywood actor born in Russia, Anton Elchina broke in a freak accident. The guy has suffered from his own car, which held him at the gate and actually got choked up.

While colleagues and friends of Anton grieve the loss and remember how good, kind and positive was Yelchin, told reporters about his latest film.

The last time in my life on the set of Anton appeared for the film adaptation of the Thriller the best-selling book by Stephen king “Mr. Mercedes.

Roll dude got pretty specific – Yelchin reincarnated as a mentally ill truck driver who can’t forget the heady feeling when the stolen Mercedes he crashed into a group of innocent people. He liked to kill, and he intends to do it again, if someone or something does not hurt to implement his plan. Film premiere is planned for 2018.

Recall that in the death of Anton Elchine his fans blame a series of properly designed cars.


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