Paris Jackson stands up for father

Пэрис Джексон вступилась за отца

Almost the seventh anniversary of the death of the king of pop Michael Jackson appeared in the media shocking the information circulated in several editions. We are talking about documents and physical evidence seized during a search of the ranch the singer Neverlandв 2003.

Пэрис Джексон вступилась за отца
According to “sources”, the search was conducted within the framework of the investigation of corruption of minors, and what was found and recently released media, shows Michael as a pervert and a drug addict who is addicted to sex. The information allegedly came from a former employee of the police Department in Santa Barbara, but Kelly Hoover, now occupies the post of representative of the Department, denied the veracity of the information, stating that the part provided to the media photographs ( as evidence) was made by employees of the Sheriff’s office in person, and the Department any official documents to the media didn’t transfer. In addition, according to the representative, part of the photo was taken from the Internet.

Пэрис Джексон вступилась за отца
On his page in the social network of Michael’s daughter Paris Jackson stood up for his father.

“Unfortunately, the negative will always be popular. I urge you to ignore the garbage and parasites that make a career, bridging slander my father” — written by Paris and published a photo of by licking his middle finger, as if hinting where to go the haters.

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