Became known, where buried Hugh Hefner

Стало известно, где похоронят Хью Хефнера
I wonder who will get millions tycoon.

Hugh Hefner


Hugh Hefner, the founder of the magazine Playboy, who died yesterday at the age of 91
years, even when his life was taken care of, where will rest his ashes. More
a quarter of a century ago — in 1992-m to year — it
bought a place in the columbarium near Los Angeles, at the cemetery, Westwood Village Memorial Park. But the most interesting thing about
this story is the fact that he chose this place because it rests an urn with a
the ashes of his friend Marilyn Monroe. To pay for it 75 thousand dollars, Hugh
got the right to be buried directly next to the Most Famous Blonde. Hefner himself commented on this
in the following way: “I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend eternity
next to Marilyn!” And noticed that finds such a prospect “very poetic”.

Marilyn was not just a close friend of Hefner. He owes her success to the
the first issue of its magazine, because the cover flaunted it Monroe. Photo
what celebrities have graced the cover of Playboy for the flown by since then
time… It was Pamela Anderson, and
Naomi Campbell, Madonna, and Sharon stone and Joan Collins, Charlize Theron… All
it’s impossible to list. And now many of them sadly remember Hugh,
they were friends…

However, no sooner had Hugh bury as the pandemonium around him
inheritance. It is a solid sum – $ 50 million. Curious
that, although the last years of his life, Hefner was a married man, his wife,
most likely, get nothing. After all, when crystal Harris married Hugh married and
it happened in 2012, he immediately honestly warned her that she might not
hope for an inheritance. But the other two ex-wives Hefner — Kimberly Conrad and Mildred Williams — good
prospects to at least part of it million. Although, according to rumors, he Hugh seems to be going to leave all his money to his four children from his first and second marriages. How
peacefully pass “carve-up” — time will tell.