Became known the whole truth about marriage Alena Vodonaevoy

Стала известна вся правда о браке Алены Водонаевой
Director star talked about her “sham” marriage.

Alain Vodonaeva and Alex Cosine

Photo: @alenavodonaeva Instagram Alena Vodonaevoy

Less than a week ago Alena Vodonaeva got married for the second time. Her husband was a DJ Alexey Cosine. The couple’s wedding took place in St. Petersburg, a newlywed couple was announced to their fans. That’s just the fans didn’t believe them…

Recently, the Network began to appear about the fact that Allen cheated. Netizens claimed that Vodonaeva played the show and actually there was no wedding. Those who argued like that, and relied on the fact that the wedding couples took place on Monday, which is known to be a day for Registrar. Rumors that Vodonaeva played a “fake” wedding was confirmed by a employee of a state institution for registration of marriages. It was reported that instead of formally register the relationship, Alena and Alex for paying for organized photo session in the registry office.

Alena the rumors declined to comment, but its Director answered the question, was the wedding of Kim and the present? “The marriage between Alena and Alexey Cosine was, the marriage certificate, the young are. I was personally involved in organising this wedding. Monday, September 11, steam was chosen because this first day is traditionally fewer marriages and, therefore, easier to Park the car, and less sensationalist. Alex and Alena got married exactly at 20.00 in front of them my eyes were still five pairs”, — quotes the Director of Vodonaevoy By the way, Alena’s wedding held in the wedding Palace No. 1 on the English embankment in Saint-Peterburge, hours of work different from the work of the Registrar.