Became known the sex of the future child of Serena Williams

Стал известен пол будущего ребенка Серены Уильямс
The sister of tennis player accidentally told her secret.

Стал известен пол будущего ребенка Серены Уильямс

Serena Williams


The sister of Serena Williams, Venus — in an interview by accident
blabbed about who is
bears the famous tennis player. When a reporter asked Venus how she
I would like to be called in the future not yet born a child of Serena,
she, without hesitation, replied: “of Course, I wish she called me
“aunt Venus!” And just as he could this phrase caught on: she promised
sister not to give her secret…

However, now to be tormented by regrets about the shown negligence, Venus is already too late: everyone who read her interview, you know that
Serena waits for the girl! In fact, this is the second incident of
pregnancy tennis player. The first was associated with the announcement that she
is expecting a child. Says Serena, she wasn’t going to do the same
the frame through which the whole world found out that she was “in position” available for viewing outside. “I
just accidentally clicked the wrong button”! complained Serena. But, alas, change was already anything it is impossible…

As for the timing of the appearance of her
future child into the world, then there is nothing to hide, Serena is not going to. As
admitted tennis player, she is now in her sixth month, so not due for another
a lot of time. Now Serena is trying to lead a regular life and
not to overwork and to do what she really wants. The other day
tennis player and father of her child — Alexis Ohanian seen together in the stands of the Roland Garros tournament, where Serena made
a break in the sports Carter’s pregnancy with interest watched
matches. Incidentally, his last victory at Wimbledon — she won as
already in position…

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian