Became known rates for “family secrets and revelations” Patriotic stars

Стали известны расценки на «семейные тайны и откровения» отечественных звезд

In the last few years, the increasing popularity of the format television programs – talk shows. Thanks to the participation in the filming of a project, the stars in the shortest time possible to earn good money. And if the revelation which they will tell in the Studio will be “scandalous” or “deeply personal”, then you can hit a real jackpot in the amount of several hundred thousand rubles, or even dollars.

So, the journalists which have been seriously interested in the question of earnings through participation in a talk show, managed to find out which of our local celebrities how much it costs.

Reluctantly all family secrets is divided into three Pugacheva-Galkin-Kirkorov. These stars scenes rarely appear on TV to tell about yourself something new. And that’s to his house Alla, Maxim, and Philip to invite journalists can only visit the broadcasters will cost a pretty penny.

Стали известны расценки на «семейные тайны и откровения» отечественных звезд

These artists very rarely give candid interviews about his personal life. And on the talk shows do not entice them. But if someone from the star trio let the TV crew into the house and told something sensational, the fees can reach up to ten million rubles!” says TV producer Alina Red.

Стали известны расценки на «семейные тайны и откровения» отечественных звезд

Less modest the fees for your visit takes Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina. For example, a comment from the lips of the couple regarding their divorce cost reporters 600 thousand rubles. Moreover, what and how to say the artist decides for himself. In particular from the review Dzhigurda media representatives were dissatisfied, and through court has demanded to return money. “The stars agreed to tell about the individual, but receiving a fee, limited to terse comments. In the end, the editors show, failing to get the expected sensations, has filed a lawsuit against the flamboyant artist. The chair responded with a counter claim: that the program has insulted his wife. And the money the broadcasters have not returned“, – said the producer.

Not so demanding in queries Anastasia Volochkova. The participation of the ballerinas in the regular programme can provide for 100-150 thousand rubles. “But if it is a big exclusive about his personal life, the fee of a ballerina above twice and even three times“, – said Red.

In addition, Volochkova is the “special offer”, “If Anastasia has long known of the lead and the theme of the talk show she is attracted, she may be free to come to the Studio.”

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