Стала известна болезнь, которая вынудила МакSим покинуть сцену Last week, the singer announced that he was leaving on indefinite leave. “StarHit” managed to find out how the disease forced Mack to leave the scene.
Стала известна болезнь, которая вынудила МакSим покинуть сцену

Last week, fans of the actress were shocked by the unexpected news that Maksim is forced to leave the stage due to health problems. Recently the singer had to cancel some concerts due to illness in Vologda, Anapa, Krasnodar, additionally, it are unable to be present at the birthday, which is June 10, was organized by the fan club.

Maksim leaves the stage due to health problems

The cause of sickness was the problem with the blood vessels of the brain, causing doctors serious fears for the life of the artist. Experts insisted on the fact that Maksim is urgently needed rest.

“Health complications, Marina started a long time ago, a Few months ago before the show she was bad: she had severe vertigo, pain, tinnitus. Before this happened, but usually at home. Lay – passed and not even complained. Then had to seek medical help. After returning to Moscow to be examined in the clinic. Then was diagnosed with serious vascular problems, caused, most likely, overwork and lack of sleep. Marina always want to do everything – and daughters to spend time and music work out, and night mounting clip to monitor, and the recovery, as a rule, early: the younger, Mary, the lark was the one to Breakfast without my mom refuses!” – said “StarHit” surrounded by the performer.

Now she’s going to undergo re-examination and pass all the necessary tests. “Reasons for strong concern, – commented Maksim “StarHit” their condition. – I’ve put it off a moment, did not give symptoms of importance, but now intends to tightly engage health. And all the free time to spend with children.

Recently, the actress admitted that wants to go back to Altai. She remained impressed by the beauty of nature. It is not excluded that a young mother will find the time to carry out their plans. “Went there a few years ago, these mountains cannot be compared with any other. The beauty is incredible. Miss. In General, I love to travel to Russia, I love active, extreme rest”, – said the star.

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