Стали известны подробности предстоящей свадьбы Пэрис Хилтон
The bride’s ring made in two days.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka


36-year-old Paris Hilton
who recently got engaged to boyfriend Chris Silkey full swing preparing for
marriage. Moreover, it has become known, who became her wedding
organizer. Paris decided not to risk it and entrusted the responsible work of his
own mother. “I am a professional wedding planner and I love it
lesson! said Kathy Hilton. — I know my daughter and her
tastes and certainly will take into account when organizing your wedding!”. And said that among the motifs of the wedding are bound to be unicorns
rabbits and … tinkerbell from the story of Peter pan.

On the occasion of engagement Chris
gave his beloved a ring with a huge diamond of 20 carats, in design
which he took an active part. At the request of the groom, this ring
jeweler made in just two days. Such haste has arisen due to the fact that Silke
suddenly came the idea to make an offer directly on the ski
the resort, where he gathered with his beloved. The idea proved successful: Paris came to a complete delight from
rings, and atmosphere of engagement.

That Paris officially
got engaged to Chris, it became known in early January. “I said Yes, — wrote in social networks
star. I’m so happy and excited after receiving an offer from the love of
my life. He is my best friend and
my other half. Chris – just
the perfect man. He is so loyal, faithful, loving, with so much
heart! I’m the happiest girl in the world! He is my dream come true. Thank you
what you for what you showed me, that the tale exists!”