Became known cause of painful kind Depp

Стала известна причина болезненного вида Деппа
Fans of the actor know why so skinny johnny.

Johnny Depp


Fans of the 54-year-old johnny Depp is not
hide their anxiety: their idol began to look more than whatever. Fans noticed that the actor was pale and thin. There were rumors that Depp is seriously ill. His images taken in
the tour, which he went along with the rock band “Hollywood
vampires”, first in Moscow and then in Germany, confirmed the fears of fans. Have to say that the actor fell ill from anxiety after a scandalous divorce with amber heard.

However, recently it became known that painful kind of Depp — less
alarming explanation. Johnny has recently completed shooting the drama “Richard Says Goodbye”. This film tells the story of a University Professor who learns that he is terminally ill, and his life changes dramatically. It is for the role of a cancer patient, as many think, and lost johnny.

In principle, this explanation is
quite plausible, because Depp
devoted to the profession professional, and if he was asked to lose weight for
of the film, he probably agreed without hesitation. However, the aforementioned shooting of the film ended before johnny
went on tour. Since then, as he left Los Angeles, Depp had
to lose weight even more. Now fans have to wait for further development
events to understand what is happening with the actor.