Стала известна причина смерти Владимира Толоконникова
In the night of Sunday the actor died in the Metropolitan hospital.

Frame from the film “heart of a Dog”

As it became known, last night was not Honored artist Vladimir Tolokonnikov. The actor, familiar to many for his famous film “Dog
heart,” where he played the role of Sharikov, died in one of the capital

Vladimir Alekseevich recent years, often asked for
medical assistance. The official cause of death was cardiac arrest. This
information was confirmed by the official representative of the artist.

That Vladimir Alexeyevich was the first reported
the employees of the theater named after Lermontov in Alma-ATA, where he once served. “It
hard to believe, but is no longer with us beloved, dear, only —
honored artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of the state prize of Russia Vladimir
A. Tolokonnikova, — says the publication on the page of the theater in social
networks. The last months it is hard
sick, but the video, which was posted by his sons, Glen and
Rodion, inspire optimism and faith in what’s going to make it jump out of next
ailments that creative fuel, the power of the spirit, the energy of vitality will not fail. Alas… Bright,
eternal memory! Deepest condolences to the family and friends of Vladimir Alekseevich
Tolokonnikova, all admirers of his bright, original talent!”

Fans and fellow artists to Network Express condolences
the relatives of Vladimir Alekseevich in connection with the loss.