Sergey Semenov: “My biggest wish is just to go down the street”

Сергей Семенов: «Мое самое большое желание – просто идти по улице» My interview with the man, in innocence which is sure most. About who is Diana Shurygina and why she suddenly became a heroine of social networking, in my opinion, they know everything. And of course, many are wondering how to live now Sergey Semenov. Because human sympathy is clearly not on the side of the injured Diana.
Сергей Семенов: «Мое самое большое желание – просто идти по улице»

At the age of 21 to be convicted of rape, to get from College to a prison bunk… “For what?” – still rages on the Internet, discussing another trick included in the star role Shurygino…

July morning. After serious examination of our crew is in the territory of a corrective colony № 3 in the Ulyanovsk region. The main surprise for Semenov – his mother Olga – we are still concealed. Bald shaved head, Sergei looks even younger than his years. He is very friendly and says that there is no camera system, detainees are held in something like hostel or army barracks. Is the prison Church library. Convicted for the rape of Shurygino Semenov seek solace in prayer

“The master and Margarita” recently finished reading – great book! We Wake up in the morning, exercise, Breakfast, someone is headed to work, to school, to the gym, you can go. When you’re busy, time flies faster. Here quickly learn to appreciate their loved ones. I used to think that I loved very much loved, but now… we recently had a holiday – Day of family, love and fidelity, concert… When I grieve, I try to smile, and it becomes a little easier. In such moments we need to communicate more, then the weight goes, let… Chatting Sergei missing. It simply flooded with letters.

Сергей Семенов: «Мое самое большое желание – просто идти по улице»

“I am writing from Russia, Belarus, and even from Australia: photographing nature in their cities and towns. I sent their mom to also looked. Such posts screens of send – in every words of support. At first I had 60 emails a week, I get them all read. Quickly but can not answer: 15 minutes on the recipient – it can’t be.

People talk about different situations, their stories hard. You compare and you realize: sometimes it is much worse, and I cheer for them too.

Here recently I wrote a mother of one boy, who now sits in jail. I could make her feel better. Let’s hope that they all will be well. In this article, after all, condemn large numbers of innocent. There are those who have not even had intercourse, they were put at the request of the victim. That is, any insane person may make a complaint. In no case do not justify the real rapists, but the fact remains. It is necessary to do any distinctions.
Сергей Семенов: «Мое самое большое желание – просто идти по улице»
Сергей Семенов: «Мое самое большое желание – просто идти по улице»And Shurygina I do not hold evil. Long concluded that it is unhealthy people minded who have no moral principles, for the benefit of they are all ready. And I they are angry, to call Diana, say, how bad is she? I definitely had not come.

UDO I have a choice in November of this year. I tuned in for the entire term (original Sergey Semenov was awarded to eight years in prison, but then reduced the sentence to three), but if you come early, very well. I became stronger, wiser, more cautious in life. Prison teaches a lot… And don’t go thinking that I’m hungry, send food parcels. We have the limit: can one transfer every two months, so I’ll send the rest back… what is your dream? To see your friends, loved ones. And my greatest desire is to walk, just walk down the street and know that there are no barriers and fences.

The mother of the convict for the rape of Shurygino Semenova spoke about the severe separation from son

Сергей Семенов: «Мое самое большое желание – просто идти по улице»