Стала известна тайная страсть Том Харди

Tom hardy recently got the role of brutal men and even the villains (which is only his role in “the Survivors” with Leonardo DiCaprio), but it turns out that severe heart artist melts when he looks.. ballet.

About secret passion Tom said a source close to the actor.
“Tom likes to run away from everyone and even from himself. He went to English national ballet. There he rests and relaxes the soul. And no one recognized him, Including hiding behind hats, scarves and bulky glasses. Usually he comes to the show for a few minutes before and sometimes leads a mother” — said the insider. This weakness hardy hides from everyone, but love to dogs he can’t hide. An actor has a unique ability to find and squeeze the dogs, wherever he was – on a walk, at a party or on set. Numerous photos of Tom’s dogs make the hearts of his fans beat even stronger emotion.

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