Became aware of the contents of the will of the husband of Celine Dion

Cтало известно содержание завещания мужа Селин Дион
Singer was appointed Manager of the status of the deceased spouse.

Celine Dion with her husband

Photo: Splash News/East news

Although Celine Dion’s husband died almost
six months ago, only now reporters Internet site TMZ failed to know what was the last will of Rene
Angelila. The fact is that, at the request of Renee, his will was not made
public disclosure.

According to the obtained documents by the journalists, the Manager of
her will appointed rené’s wife. A significant part of the huge state
Angelina, which is estimated at $ 400 million, will be placed in
accordance with the will, in the trust Fund. From this Fund will be financed
the costs of the upbringing and education of three children, Renee, from his marriage with Dion —
René-Charles and twins eddy and Nelson. The same source has the right
to pay for your expenses and Celine herself. However, the singer, who has a personal
a fortune of 600 million, is unlikely to use this
opportunity. Renee also bequeathed to his beloved wife a few houses together
with all that in them is, cars and all the jewelry.

Do not forget Angelil and their offspring from two
first marriages. His first wife was Denise Duquette, who bore him a son
Patrick and the second — Manon Kirouac. She became the mother of his second oldest
son of Jean Pierre. The eldest of them
it is now 48 years old and the youngest is 32 years. Each of their sons rené left
home, located in Canada.

Celine was with her beloved husband till the last
minutes his brave battle with throat cancer, from which he suffered for 17 years.
As admitted the singer, the hardest thing was to explain to her two young sons
Renee, Eddie and Nelson, what happened to their father. For this she had
to resort to metaphor. “You remember what happened with the heroine of your favorite
the movie “Up”? She flew to the sky on balloons. So your dad flew
at the sky…” – said the boys singer.

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