Бьюти-дайджест: от накрашенного Дэвида Бекхэма до коллекции Lush ко Дню святого Валентина

David Beckham

In Russia there is a procedure that promises to permanently get rid of sweating and the smell of sweat, Ryan Reynolds became the new face of the fragrance from Giorgio Armani, but David Beckham will see fans with his bright make-up on the cover of Love. What else they talked about in the world of beauty this week — read our material.

David Beckham with bright makeup appeared on the cover of Love magazine

43-year-old David Beckham is not one of those who are afraid of experiments: we have seen his star and former professional football player with the Mohawk, the beam, and now saw with the eye makeup. Emerald shadow and black eyeliner, pink shirt, jacket and a tattoo of a rose so Mr Beckham appears on the January cover of Love.

This is the first edition of “Moving image”, published every two years, it includes a series of short feature films with Beckham and other stars such as Uma Thurman, Kate moss, Courtney Love and many others.

Бьюти-дайджест: от накрашенного Дэвида Бекхэма до коллекции Lush ко Дню святого Валентина

In a fascinating video the husband of Victoria Beckham deals makeup, talking about how he gained confidence in himself:
I was always the kid in the corner who really didn’t say anything. However, I knew that when I get on the field, I immediately become self-confident. It was the only thing I ever wanted: to become a professional footballer.

Make-up artist who worked on the set of “Bohemian Rhapsody” (“Bohemian Rhapsody”), explained why Freddie mercury was painting nail Polish on only one hand

Fake nose, fake mustache, false teeth — all these tricks have turned the Rami Malek in Freddie mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody”.
We did not have the goal to achieve maximum similarity, the main thing — to catch the essence of the person. The shape of the jaw Rami is almost the same as Freddie, but in other respects they are quite different. We made an artificial jaw (to recreate pronounced bite the frontman of Queen), wig, moustache— told Jan Sewell, which was responsible for hair and makeup in the film.

Many wondered why Freddy was painting the nails with black varnish only on his left hand. According to his personal assistant of Allan, he was right-handed, so could not put your other hand on their own. Yes, so simple. This is why in the movie Rami Malek also appears with lacquer only the nails on his left hand.

Бьюти-дайджест: от накрашенного Дэвида Бекхэма до коллекции Lush ко Дню святого Валентина

Ryan Reynolds has become the new face of the fragrances Code, Giorgio Armani

42-year-old actor Ryan Reynolds was announced as the new Ambassador for Armani Beauty. The other day he shared this news in your account in Instagram.

Just finished shooting the short video for @armanibeauty incredibly talented @ReedMorano, — he wrote.

Reed Morano, winner of the “Emmy” for the TV series “the handmaid’s Tale” (The Handmaid’s Tale), directed the video, and the photo shoot was answered by Matthew Brooks.
Ryan Reynolds perfectly embodies the modern sensibility: he is a man with charisma, his own relaxed style and the right dose of self-irony,— said the representatives of the brand.

The first advertising campaign with the actor on the new Armani Code fragrance Absolu.

Бьюти-дайджест: от накрашенного Дэвида Бекхэма до коллекции Lush ко Дню святого Валентина

Fruit basket: a new collection of Lush Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s day Lush did not release the collection with the usual hearts and kisses, and turned the most sexy Emoji in shower and bath. “Here’s a hint: hisses a bit faster than the rest” — signed photo “bombs” in the form of an eggplant, which smells fragrant bergamot, wood and, of course, fresh eggplant.

Бьюти-дайджест: от накрашенного Дэвида Бекхэма до коллекции Lush ко Дню святого Валентина

The creators of a line of smiley in the form of a peach, it seems, is not synonymous with jams and with the famous scene from the film “Call me my name” (Call Me by Your Name). Sexy fruit is also embodied in the “bombs” for bath, which is filled with real peach juice.

Make the skin smooth and soft with strawberry soap, lips ready for kissing passionately through the cherry scrub and breathing hard refresh rinse the mouth. The collection also makes a banana Emoji in a silky massage oil with Brazilian orange, cocoa butter and Shea butter, fresh bananas and clove oil.

Бьюти-дайджест: от накрашенного Дэвида Бекхэма до коллекции Lush ко Дню святого Валентина

Little Chanco with the most luxurious hair became the face of Pantene

Little Chanco thanks to an unusually thick head of hair became a star network. On her page in Instagram profile (leads the mother) already signed by 300 thousand people. In microblogging, you can see Chanco in various poses, with many different cutest barrettes with the same brush. On one-year-old girl drew the attention of the representatives of Pantene. So, Chanco starred in a new advertising campaign of the brand with the silver-haired Japanese presenter Sato Condo, and also appeared in a short film called “a Hairy tale”.

In the United States figured out how to get rid of sweating and body odor for life

American experts believe that antiperspirants will soon be history. They invented the method MirаDry that promises a lifelong relief from excessive sweating and body odor. Application sensation, is not it? But how safe is it?

The device works by microwave and very high frequency (5.8 GHz is 5.8 billion cycles per second). It is approved by FDA (America), EU (European Union) and Russia, as well as more than 40 countries, including Australia, Japan, Korea.
We vozdeistviem just for the sweat and olfactory glands and hair follicles. Removing sweat glands in the underarm area, we do not affect the overall thermoregulation of the body (as in the axillary region is only 1.5-2 percent of the total number of sweat glands of the body)— says the doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist clinics Tori Katerina Nikolaev.

During the procedure (it lasts about 40 minutes) special attachment using a small vacuum sucks the skin and there is momentum: it heats the area of the sweat and olfactory glands to a temperature of 60-70 degrees (don’t worry, the cooling system prevents the appearance of burns, and injectable anesthesia will eliminate all painful sensations).

And now the most interesting — in 72-80% of cases a single treatment and the effect is instantaneous. As practice shows, more than three procedures is not had to do any patient for the entire period of the existence of the device.

Is all this fun 120 thousand rubles. From 22 January to 4 February, you can save money and do the procedure at a discount of 20 percent in the clinic, Tori.

Бьюти-дайджест: от накрашенного Дэвида Бекхэма до коллекции Lush ко Дню святого Валентина

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