У «Красавицы и чудовища» не будет продолжения

“Beauty and the Beast” is one of the main Prime this spring. Adaptation of the disney fairytale waited as the children (despite the rating 16+) and adults and were not disappointed. A few days in theaters, the movie earned $ 400 million. A good application for success, you will agree.

On the background of the popularity of the fairy tale, the Network began to spread the message that “beauty and the Beast” is 0, only the first film of the trilogy, which already has a team of authors. But today the rumors came to an end. “Beauty and the beast” will not get a sequel. At least in the next few years.

However, from a potentially lucrative new franchise for Disney, of course, does not want to abandon – and is now considering the possibility of filming a prequel or spin-off.

“Now plans on shooting no sequel, and the Studio is not going to boost. The Studio is considering possible scenarios for spin-offs and prequels,” — said the Head of the production Department of Walt Disney’s Sean Bailey.

Note that the experience of making such films from the Studio Disney already.

A few years ago on the big screens out the film “snow white and the huntsman” with Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron in the lead roles. A little later came the prequel to the movie, but it failed. Even a star cast with Emily blunt and Jessica Chastain couldn’t help the film to collect more cash.

Let’s see what fate will be “beauty and the beast”.