Emma stone and Jesse Eisenberg will return to “Zombieland”

Эмма Стоун и Джесси Айзенберг вернутся в «Зомбилэнд»

In 2009 he premiered the post-apocalyptic film “Zombieland”. The film was well received by the audience and even became one of the most successful bands of zombies in film history.

Of course, fans of “Zombieland” waited. But could they imagine that a to Mature the idea of the sequel the creators would take almost 10 years?

Today it became known that “Zombieland” is returned.

Who directed the original “Zombieland” (they also, incidentally, worked on “Dadula”), announced that a sequel is in development and stars cast is already agreed to return: “the Film is in active development. We are trying to run it in production. All members of the caste had already read the script and he liked them”. Recall that in the original film, the main roles played by Abigail Breslin, woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emmerton.

The only catch, which inhibited the creation of a sequel – financing. The fact is that during the time that the producers decided to continue shooting, the actors become real superstars. For example, this year Emma stone received her first “Oscar”.

“We shot the first “Zombieland” for $ 20 million, and now trying to find a financial model for the sequel, which would be the Studio and at the same time would allow us to pay the actors as much as they deserve,” says one of the authors of “Zombieland”.

I hope the funding for the film still exists and the second part will not force myself to wait even longer. “Zombieland” is different from most films of this subject by the presence in it of humor. It’s not to bribe and not to the interest of the audience.