Внебрачного сына Романа Трахтенберга оставили без квартиры Sergey Semenov was forced to change their place of residence. About this he urged the civil spouse of the celebrity Elena Romanova. The young man is outraged, after all, as a showman, estimated at 100 million rubles, was ceded by will to the heir female lion David.

      Внебрачного сына Романа Трахтенберга оставили без квартиры

      The illegitimate son of showman Roman trachtenberg Sergey Semenov argues that the civil wife of the father of Elena Romanova evicted him from his apartment in Moscow, purchased the dead father. According to the young person, the property is decorated in a woman, so she finds herself mistress of “odnushki” located on the Leningrad prospectus. About it he has told in the program of NTV “Talk show”.

      According to Semenov, the parent gave him an apartment in a civil wife. Before the death of the showman Romanov did not appear in this place. “When father gave me the keys said, “Now you’re going to live here,” says the young man. Sergei tried to become the owner officially, as Elena assured him that he would not claim the estate. However, over time, Romanov has changed his mind.

      “Not to say that she made me move out, but she had me by his actions. Her meaning was this: “Go, hide yourself,” says Sergey.
      Внебрачного сына Романа Трахтенберга оставили без квартиры

      Sergei said that the first woman strongly hinted at his move. Romanov offered him to rent a house in a residential area, and the property of the father to surrender. The civil wife of the showman said that it will be profitable, they say, young people will be able to obtain additional financial income from the difference in rental apartments. Further Romanova tried to influence Semenov other ways.

      “Was this conversation that Lena came with papers. It read: “I refuse the apartment.” I refused to sign. In the end my wife decided that my peace of mind more and moved out. She now rents an apartment. I didn’t call her,” said Semenov.
      Внебрачного сына Романа Трахтенберга оставили без квартиры

      Then in the program showed a short interview with the neighbors of the heir of a celebrity. They do not hide that surprised by what happened. “It just kicked. Said it was not his dwelling,” say the residents of the house on the Leningrad prospectus.

      The broadcast Studio also invited Sergei’s mother Alena. The woman has serious eye problems and needed surgery. It is quite expensive, so Alena Semenova standing in line for free medical care. Sergey said that it plans to sell the apartment and provide mother financially. To live in “odnushke” father he did not intend.

      “If I can become a landlord, I sell and buy housing in a residential area. I don’t need apartment in the center”, – said Semyonov.

      Recall that the Roman Trachtenberg and Yelena Romanova met while studying at the University. The woman gave celebrity son, but marry him did not come out. Trachtenberg and Romanov lived in a civil marriage is sixteen years while the showman he met his groupie Faith. Over time, the fan of the artist became his official wife. Since then between Elena and Faith has established a tacit rivalry. And after the death trachtenberg they started the war over his legacy, said in a live TV show father of the star Lev Glebovich.

      Внебрачного сына Романа Трахтенберга оставили без квартиры