Maxim Fadeev has frankly told about the health problems

Максим Фадеев откровенно рассказал о проблемах со здоровьем The producer played in a concert of his ward Nargiz Zakirova. The output of Maxim Fadeev on stage provoked a strong reaction from fans of the well-known performer. They welcomed the man with a long applause.

      6 March in Moscow took place the presentation of Nargiz Zakirova. Well-known artist presented a new program “the sound of the heart.” At the concert the singer performed songs from the repertoire of Alla Pugacheva, as well as songs written by Maxim Fadeev. That evening the producer has decided to support one of his favourite singers and got out for her on stage. Fans of Nargis met him with thunderous applause.

      Later, Fadeyev admitted that the singing and playing an instrument was not easy for him. However, the men managed to overcome myself and to please many fans.

      “Thanks to the great audience that supported me! I tried to explain, but many could not understand me, what I’m saying. I can’t hear loud sounds and out for me on stage is something very difficult. Before leaving I put special plugs in my ears and I cannot hear even loud sounds. I can only hear very loud sounds and then just barely.. And when I start to sing, I can hear approximately what’s going on. And in these moments of feeling insecure! Thank you that you gave me this heat today! I didn’t hear your applause, but I saw them and your eyes! Thank you!” – shared a producer in his microblog.

      Fans of Maxim Fadeev was impressed with his courage. They wished the producer to protect himself and to continue his works. “No matter what, it was very cool”, “You are cosmically talented”, “I Admire your creativity, passion and love for music”, “shivers”, “Bravo”, “you’re a good, True good, sincere and kind,” “Very good, thank you”, “Proud of you”, “lovely song”, “Thank you for the emotions that you share with the world,” discussed social media users.

      Recall that in an interview, Maxim Fadeev admitted that he has a hearing problem. At the age of thirty-eight years, he almost went deaf. In this regard, the Maxim had to postpone things. Fadeev was willing to do anything to start again to play music and have turned to shamans and healers. Eventually the man turned to regain the ability to perceive information. During the meeting with journalists Maxim also said that it was supported by close friends – Nikolai Baskov and Lolita. They are regularly called my buddy and asked how is it treated.