Basta responded harshly Declo who filed for him in court

Баста жестко ответил Децлу, подавшему на него в суд
Musician, publicly offended the former rap star, is not going to give up on his words.

Баста жестко ответил Децлу, подавшему на него в суд


One of the most successful rappers Basta (Basil
Vakulenko) broke the silence and publicly spoke about the conflict with Cyril
Tolmatskogo, better known as Decl. We will remind, last week the musician
Basta sued to court, demanding one million rubles for what he called his “shaggy
schmuck”. Vakulenko did not comment what is happening until it is reported
him about the details of the conflict are discussed on Federal
TV channels. Then Basta made an official statement.

Баста жестко ответил Децлу, подавшему на него в суд

“I’ll try to explain in details my position, — started
he. — Kirill Tolmatsky (now you can officially because he
filed a lawsuit on me) after we ceased communication with him after
he is gone from our club Gazgolder many years ago, repeatedly
allowed himself not a very good remarks in an interview concerning the club,
the people who work there, the music label, whose representative I
are. You can find all these “wonderful” comments in the Network. He called
people who work with us, fortified, strongly curse. Invented
its mission is this, you know, the lone unfortunate great musician
tried to break a huge record label. But at that time, when we communicated with
Cyril, he is nothing of itself is not a musician because his
father Alexander Tolmatsky — known producer stopped funding this
of the project, and Cyril fell into oblivion”.


Basta also said that he proposed to hold in
the apartment decl audio examination to determine whether music interferes with children.

“It just so happened that we with Cyril live on one
area, — said the musician. I live a little further, half a mile from him, and
never heard a sound, preventing children from sleep. Here we had a festival
Gazgolder Live, when we have somewhat exceeded the time limit that is allowed
noise, we were paid the fines. That is, here is the official procedure that
works. It became kind of a funny story. And today, when
the news on the whole screen, was placed a screenshot of my tweet, to be honest, I just
exploded. It is very funny. Big news, so to speak. Do not be surprised if
tomorrow we in the club say “show masks” and begin to test. Do not be surprised if
in a statement Tolmatsky said that we have a secret casino, brothel,
interrupt number stolen cars — ready for anything. This is all me personally
greatly amused. Very sorry Cyril Tolmatskogo left in the Arsenal
no songs, no texts, no albums, which it would please
his listeners. All his actions are expressed in statements to court and the charges
the fact that I’m a very bad man. Not arguing, I’m not a very good person. Protection
that to me, I sometimes do not choose any of the expressions or methods”.

At the end of his address that’s stated that
feels a sense of pity for those who in childhood listened to the song Dncl.

“I, thank God, did not have an impact this
person, invented by his father, — said the rapper. — This project has existed
some time in the absence of funding from investors just
disappeared. Offer Cyril Tolmatskogo continue to act in legal
line — to write statements to the police.”