Basta has launched its own “Voice”

Баста запустил собственный «Голос» The famous rapper gave a chance to budding artists. Busta released a video message to the users of social networks, which encouraged to try their hand in the fight for three million rubles and cooperation with Gazgolder.
Баста запустил собственный «Голос»

Basta rapper shared with fans big news. The contractor has announced the premiere of a new high-profile project on the channel “Friday!”, dubbed the “voice of the streets”.

The man urged users of social networking, dreaming to follow in his footsteps, to take part in a massive rap battle. Those who pass the online audition will get an opportunity to get an audition in Moscow. Judge young artists will Basta, Restaurateur (founder and host of the popular YouTube project Versus Battle – Approx.) and special guests whose names are still kept secret.

“I want to become a true “Voice of the streets”? Then send your video to us! Rap, hip hop, rnb – you can do anything, main thing is that the music and lyrics were honest and true!” – says the publication, which appeared in an Instagram star.

Basta accompanied the post an intriguing movie, which disclosed details of participation in the casting. Premiere of the new television project is expected this fall. “The best, the most deserving, will compete for the prize of three million rubles and cooperation with our team. You know the whole country,” said the rapper.

Treatment Basta has provoked a storm of discussion on social networks. “Too hot”, “it’s going to record rap”, “the Search for gold nuggets from the streets… a Chance, albeit negligible”, “Handsome”, “So that’s why he left “the Voice”. Decided to create my own”, “Finally”, “will Soon know the name of the new artist Gazgolder!”, “I think it will be a great show”, “fuss writes,” “Participate!”, “Now I will sing”, “Basta, wait for me” – commented the followers of a celebrity.

On the website of the TV channel “Friday!” also has information about the project. Basta believes that the launch of such a program – “recognition of hip-hop culture as an integral part of life of many talented people.” The rapper shared that he was going to tell, focusing on personal taste and preferences.

At the same time, another judge, Restaurateur, noted that it will be very interesting to see young talented people. He also did not rule out the possibility to invite some of them on Versus Battle. “I’m not going to tell a bad artist that has everything ahead of him,” added the man.

Russian rappers blew up a worldwide Network

By the way, the rap battles are becoming more popular in Russia. Recently the whole country, including business media and a leading Federal channels, discussed the results of the fight between Occimiano and Glory of the CPSU. Moreover, the new program of the First channel “Tonight” Maxim Galkin fought with Basta, and a group of enthusiasts announced on “the Planet” fundraiser for the shooting of the first documentary about this subculture.