Басков и Лопырева задумались о детях Singer dreams that the beloved bore him three heirs. Nikolay Baskov says that their wedding of Victoria and lopyrevoy will be held. However, while for love no time even for the rare date.

Back in the fall of 2017 Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva was officially married. However, the ceremony was postponed at the request of the mother of the artist. Since then, however, stars rarely were posting pictures together and talk about common plans. That’s why the fans started to discuss the abolition of the celebration.

In a recent interview, the actor has denied the information about the breakup with Victoria. According to Nicholas, they are really going to legitimize the relationship, but I can not choose a suitable date for the saturated working schedules.

“My schedule is booked up until may, and Vicki until June. We sometimes do not have enough time even just to meetings. Recently, we wanted to plan a shared vacation, but was unable to do so. Always traveling,” – said the Basque.

The singer remembered how he took his breakup with ex-fiancée Sophie Kalcheva. According to Nicholas, their relationship gradually came to a natural separation, so a difficult conversation does not become a scandal. “Imagine you’re the President of some country. Your woman, like any other, wants attention, but you can’t give it. There is the same situation”, – said the artist.

Now the man is perfectly happy in a new relationship. In his opinion, Victoria is the perfect woman that he is absolutely perfect in all respects. Moreover, the Basque dream to fiancee gave birth to his kids.

“Of course, I wish our family were children. I already have one heir, and still want a daughter, and son. Ideally, I want three kids. But we have no time even for a romantic date. So while the children remain in the plans,” said Nicholas.

For the next few months, the artist scheduled a lot of performances. He’s going to be a new album to hold many concerts throughout the country. Fans of the singer hope that so rich a work schedule will not interfere with the man and his lady to build a relationship.

Earlier Basque admitted that long ago ready to start a family. He dreams of a faithful wife and heirs. In an interview to “KP” the actor noted that he is not going while to reduce the operating speed. Despite the fact that Nicholas really misses Victoria, he can’t abandon creative ambitions.