Барбара Брыльска наняла себе сиделку

Today, 5 June, the Polish actress Barbara Brylska is 75 years old. Birthday has long ceased to be the favorite holiday movie stars, because every year she’s not getting any younger, and health is already beginning to make itself felt.

Recently, the actress complained of feeling unwell, because of this she even had to hire a nurse.

Brylska started having issues with sciatica, which virtually binds all her movements.

Nurse Barbara visits a few times a week and helps her around the house, cooks, etc.

Recently Brylska gave an interview, which was timed to its anniversary. In conversation with the press, the actress was very Frank and told about the tragic death of her daughter, which occurred in 1993.

Barbara shared her experiences that she experienced, after the 20-year-old Basia died in a car accident. Three years it took the actress a little bit to recover. After slightly recovering, Brylska was faced with a new trouble – problems with eyes.

“I was crying so much that my eyes were swollen I couldn’t open, and my eyelids were lying on the eyelashes, which I have a very long. And I was told that I need to fix it so I can work. And I had the surgery,” said Brylska.

According to Barbara to rescue her failed son Ludwig, whom she bore at age 42. “If it was not, there would be no me, and also this interview would not exist. There would be no life. This is my happiness, my joy. This is my everything” – summed up the film star.


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