Treason Ozzy Osbourne turned out to be a publicity stunt

Измена Оззи Осборна оказалась пиар-ходом

On that not only are the elderly rockers, to attract the attention of the public and the press before the concert tour.

67-year-old leader of the group Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne even admitted the affair to his wife Sharon. That, in turn, “supported” my husband and announced his intention to divorce.

No matter how hard the Osbournes to play a map about the divorce of maximum likelihood, the accuracy of the story, few believe. Recently a insider told that actually in a relationship couples harmony, and treason is merely a PR stunt aimed at attracting attention, because the rocker will soon tour.

This information very likely could be true for several reasons. In addition to public relations, which got a family, they also abound in this scandal.

Informants believe that Sharon came up with this story, because she has earned on her husband. Ozzy, in his old age, hardly cheated on his wife, which currently is its main pillar: she’s controlling how much he consumes alcohol, he is and my mom and nanny, and Manager.

We will remind, about the breakup after 30 years of marriage with Ozzy in early may announced his wife. Sharon claimed that her entire life, she had to endure the adultery of the husband, but the last straw was the family Barber-stylist Michelle Pugh, with whom he was having an affair.

Not no longer in business and the daughter of the Osbournes – Kelly.

On his Twitter page, she has published a phone number Pew, signing a post: “Who needs a cheap bitch?”.

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