Autumn aggravation. Julia Zelensky back on TV

Осеннее обострение. Юлия Зеленская снова на ТВ

Yulia Zelenskaya, a former employee of the “Workshop of classical suit” that about two years ago threw a tantrum on social media and on TV over his dismissal, again appeared on television in the program “actually” on the Ground.

Julia again started a long story about how she was beaten and took out one of the owners of “the Studio” Antonio Palacios-Fernandez. It happened after Yulia was fired for absenteeism, and she disagreed with the amount of compensation scandal in accounting.
Strange that MS Zelensky chose to hysteria instead of to Lodge a complaint with the court, and then went to the police with a false statement about the attack.
Motion to dismiss denied Zelensky, just by viewing footage from surveillance cameras. Obviously the re-enactment. Yulia denial was not enough and she started a PR campaign in social networks. Suspicious even of the hashtag, which she accompanied the photo with the face in the blood — #timeousness. What a normal person would so comment your beating?
Today Julia again tells the old story, which causes even more skepticism of experts. Too many inaccuracies. So, Zelensky was forced to admit that consciousness is not lost. And after it is well established that a fall from a ladder has been simulated. It would be logical to assume that the nose itself to pick open is not too difficult.
What was the reason for Yulia to be back on blue screens with the old story? The fact that the “masters” in August this year was once again embroiled in a scandal. This time with clients.
In January 2018 the couple some Pushkin — Eugene and Christine — made in the Atelier of ordering for the sum about 200 thousand roubles. And started! Customers constantly fought, verbally abused by staff, did not hesitate in expressions, passed trying, and in the end blamed the “Workshop” in disrupting the timing.
The climax of the story is reached when Christine Pushkin, who came to take the order with her husband, lashed out at her Atelier, the mother of Antonio Palacios Fernandez, Alain Velichkina. The result of the last attack ended up in hospital with concussion, multiple contusions, hematomas and internal bleeding.
Velichkin, after spending a few weeks in the hospital, sent a statement to the Prosecutor. The words of Alena and her son was confirmed by specialists of ANO “Center of technical expertise” — a fight provoked Pushkin family. Now, they face imprisonment.

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