В аэропорту Ростова-на-Дону разбился Boeing 737-800 из Дубая: погибли до 62 человек

I would like to start the weekend with good news, but unfortunately, it is not this day. In the southern regional emergency center a couple of hours ago confirmed the information about the crash of a passenger plane Boeing 738 (737-800)., EN route flight from Dubai While landing at the airport crashed Boeing 738. On Board were 55 people. They all died.Later, however, the MOE specified that onboard there were 61 people (according to one version – 62), including 5 foreigners. Almost all aboard Boeing passengers were probably tourists.

It is noted that the plane in difficult conditions could not immediately come in for a landing and went on the second circle, you re-enter crashed. The wreckage of the plane scattered across the runway, hitting the ground caught fire.

Currently there are representatives of all operational services. Circumstances of accident are specified.

We Express our condolences to the family and friends of the victims. Tomorrow in Rostov the field declared a day of mourning.

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