Ex-wife Kerzhakov gave birth to a daughter

Бывшая жена Кержакова родила дочь Ekaterina Safronova became a mother for the third time. For the baby she chose the name in advance — a girl called Stefania. Reportedly close to ex-footballer lover, mom and daughter are doing well.

      Бывшая жена Кержакова родила дочь

      Alexander Kerzhakov ex-girlfriend and mother of his son today gave birth to a third child. Was born baby girl weighing three pounds, for which Ekaterina Safronov had already chosen the name. Throughout the pregnancy the ex-wife of footballer careful to hide the interesting position and did not seek to speak on this subject. For a woman, which for a long time had to wage a public struggle for the right to educate his own son, it was important to keep secret the happy event to which she was preparing.

      By the way, the name for newborn girl Safronov was selected in advance — the baby was named Stephanie. Reportedly relatives of a young mother, she and baby are doing well and are getting ready soon to leave the hospital and go home. About the new status of mother of Catherine herself said only a little.

      It is noteworthy that little son of Catherine, born in marriage with Alexander Kerzhakov, currently lives with her father and his new family. The sportsman married the charming daughter of the Senator Milan Tulip, moved to live in Zurich for the duration of the contract with a new football club and moved his family there. Little Igor have a rapport with his new wife of his father, and she, in turn, doted to the boy.

      For the right to raise a child Ekaterina Safronova desperately fought in court, but ultimately was limited parental rights. By the way, shortly before the birth of her third child, she again tried to seek the removal of restrictions on the education of his son.

      Apparently, in the near future the attention and energy of Catherine will be focused on the newborn baby. According to the portal Life 78, soon mom and daughter will be home.

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