У Джимма Керри новый роман

Hollywood actor Jim Carrey was recently seen in the company of an unknown woman. Everything indicates that this is first relationship of the artist since the death of his previous lover of Catriona white< /strong>.

У Джимма Керри новый роман

Jim and the mysterious stranger was seen leaving the restaurant “Katsuya” in Brentwood, California. Kerry simply changed. He shaved off his long grizzled beard, and seemed thrown off a dozen years.

У Джимма Керри новый роман
The couple spent three o’clock, according to eyewitnesses, on a romantic rendezvous, and then Jim landed a woman in a taxi. Judging by their smiling faces, the meeting was a success and should continue to wait.
Recall that the ex-girlfriend of Jim Catriona committed suicide in September of last year, taking his medications in his apartment. A few days before her suicide, the pair once again parted.

Catriona was Irish. Jim strongly cared about who came to take her mother’s body and the sister of the girl, and even carried a coffin with her body at the funeral in her homeland. This period was very difficult for him. Luckily, Kerry found the strength to live on and not to give up on their personal lives.

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