У Бузовой новый роман! Ольга рассказала о первом свидании
The presenter has intrigued fans with its provocative picture.

Olga Buzova

Photo: Instagram

It seems that the song Olga
Buzova “Little half” proved to be prophetic singer. The singer finally
was the “notice of other men.” Olga has intrigued fans, showing
a picture posing with a huge bouquet of flowers. “A perfect ending
in the evening, — said the TV presenter. — If a man comes to
first date without flowers, the second will not. Most likely…”

Buzova immediately congratulated
with a successful first date and wished that her personal life was vivid and
rich. We Will Remind, Dmitry Tarasov
after his divorce from Olga Buzova found a new love — Anastasia Kostenko. They say
that new novel of a football player started when he was still officially married… anyway, after
seven months after the divorce Olga finally ready for a new relationship. By the way,
about it it is told in exclusive interview to magazine “7 days”.

“I enjoy the fact that my life
one belongs to me, — said the presenter. And this buzz of freedom and me
itself a little scary. Because every year it’s harder and harder it will be
to lose your head. But, on the other hand, the case still did not reach what I
already did not need men. (Laughs.) Right now, here in a few days
(maybe it’s spring affect me?) I suddenly so wanted to fall in love! Wanted
“butterflies” inside. You can contact the editorial office of the magazine “7 Days” below
“butterflies” found me? (Laughs.) At the moment love is the only
what I’m missing…”.