ВИДЕО: Юлия Барановская путешествует с детьми по Европе
Your holiday TV star decided to spend in transit.

From Moscow on vacation left my mom and three kids, but are traveling
now Europe has four children. Because Julia Baranovskaya on this trip
behaves like a girl, enthusiastically riding on the rides, eat candy and bullies
in hotels. “Only thanks to the children, becoming an adult, we can feel again
like a real baby! Thank you to all the children for our second childhood!” —
Julia admits.

Yulia Baranovskaya sons Artem and Arseny and daughter Yana

Photo: Instagram Yulia Baranovskaya

Staying for the kids best friend, Baranovskaya not
goes over the edge, after which the mother will cease to be authority. “I do believe,
that responsibility is the most important. And try their children to this
responsibility to teach. For example, when my eldest son says in
clothing store: “Mom! pick me a sweater she”, I always answer: “No, you
he has to make the decision himself to make a choice.” That’s all they say:
foreign language should be learned in childhood, adults he’s already hard. And
music is also better from childhood to play, and figure skating. But why
then responsibility is taught in 20 years, not from birth? Surprised some of his
friends, when you see how they raise boys.”

Julia believes that the eldest son Artem is very similar to it. “And
here Janka very hard, and I’m jealous of her, I have such character! She’s like that
the song Vera Brezhneva, where there is a line “I see the sign”, for it is not at all
no obstacles. If she set a goal, you achieve it. One Day Yana
decided to go to bed at nine in the evening, and now it
already in bed. And that is its native mode, not invented by me!.. And Arseniy — he
do some incredible! We’re going with him in Cyprus, Kykkos monastery
the icon of the Mother of God. He said, “Mom, we’re going to the Matrona?” Answer: “No,
son of Matrona in Moscow. But go we now to the Mother of God. I you she asked,
prayed that you got”. So he turns to me and says:
“Why did you asked nice, and got rude?” He told me so
recalled our morning dialogue, rebuked for something I said what he
naughty child”.

“He’s very funny, says Julia about Arseny. — This
a little bug can lie down and spend hours talking like an adult. And
if Artem is similar to me in childhood, and Yana — on which I would like to be,
Arseniy football habits like his father. It so happened that
leaving my life of Andrei from her left, and football just became interesting. And
came back recently when I took Arseniy football. While children
play, parents can wait in the cafe, where a TV screen displays picture
from the field. So, even if you can’t see the person, Arseniy impossible not to know:
vperevalochku running and even standing still, like a father.”

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