Эштон Катчер и Мила Кунис снова ждут ребенка The actors were happy when the light appeared, their first child, daughter Wyatt Isabelle. Despite the difficulties associated with raising heiress, the couple decided to give birth to her brother or sister. Mila and Ashton would be happy to become parents of twins.

      Эштон Катчер и Мила Кунис снова ждут ребенка

      Actors Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher will soon become parents. The official representative of the star couple announced that they are expecting their second child. Now, kunis and Kutcher are raising a lovely daughter Wyatt Isabelle, soon to be two years.

      For the first time on the replenishment of the family of stars began in October last year. Mila confirmed to reporters that he was going to get pregnant again. In may on the Ellen DeGeneres spouse Kutcher admitted that they both do not mind to create a big family. “I’m not pregnant, but we want more children so that one day it probably will happen,” said kunis.

      According to the representative of actors, Ashton always glows with delight when he talks about daughter Wyatt and her future baby. Hollywood hunk turned out great father. Kutcher all helps Mile. “He was a real master diaper changing! It can perepelenat any child! So if you need help, call us! He is a professional” jokes about his father’s abilities kunis Ashton.

      The actors understand that with the advent of the first child, their lives will change. They will have to spend less time on yourself and to focus on the baby.

      “When we decided to have a baby, you were ready to become less selfish. We appreciate Ashton’s very own comfort, but would like to have a big family,” said Mila on the show Entertainment Tonight.

      By the way, Kutcher and kunis would really like to give birth to twins. Because an actor has a twin brother, the genetically the couple can be born from two baby. Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher are going to become parents of twins

      Recall that the wife of Ashton for a long time did not advertise pregnancy, I waited for Wyatt. About the interesting position of the star then became known only at a film festival Cinemacon in Las Vegas where she was presenting her film “Jupiter ascending”.

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