Как Хлое Кардашьян назвала дочь?

Long to hide the name of their newborn daughter Chloe Kardashian could not, as well as pregnancy. A few days after the happy event, 33-year-old Khloe Kardashian told fans of instagram the girl’s name. Daughter new mother called TRU that in English the word “truth”. The star gave the name of the father, 27-year-old basketball player Tristan Thompson.

Как Хлое Кардашьян назвала дочь?

“Baby TRU Thompson has stolen our hearts which are overflowing with love. We are blessed to welcome this angel in the family. Mommy and daddy love you.”, signed Chloe a photo of the room with pink balloons.

The new baby’s birth did not go as smoothly as hoped Kardashian. Shortly before the appointed date, Chloe found out about the infidelities of his chosen Tristan. Media, citing insiders claim that Khloe is with child, will soon leave Cleveland, where she lived with Tristan. Her family supported this decision.

“Tristan will not go to Los Angeles with her. For all matters as soon as possible to return to Chloe that she and the newborn baby were safe. Chloe just wants to go home. Tristan is doing nothing to keep her in Cleveland. He is very remorseful for what happened and doesn’t want to cause Chloe pain,” the insider said.

Recall that the celebrity was in the last months, when the network began to appear scandalous news and videos confirming the repeated infidelity of her lover, from whom she is expecting a child. At the time Kardashian was expecting a baby at the end of April, but due to stress I went into labor early.

Three months of celebrity concealed his interesting position. Chloe wanted to tell about the pregnancy at the same time all my relatives and friends. To hide this news from the public was much easier than the family with which the star spends a lot of time.

“We wanted to tell everyone at the same time that was not so easy as you imagine to get so many people in one room!? but it was unbelievable when we finally did it!” explains Chloe.

As reported by Kardashian herself, to hide the pregnancy from family was very difficult because of the poor health that plagued her. The first trimester was a star very heavy. The hardest part was to hide the pregnancy from the sisters with whom she spends almost every day. “I’ll walk with her sisters every day, which I found it very hard not to tell why I feel bad or can’t do certain things,” says Chloe, who’s already in her sixth month of pregnancy from her boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Before birth, Chloe had to endure extraordinary stress of two videos, which depicted the betrayal of a professional basketball player. The first movie was published to the portal TMZ, who is not averse to find scandalous dirt on stars. The video is dated October 2017. On it the artist is not shy about flirting with two girls. Hugs and kisses — all this despite the third month of pregnancy Chloe.