Армани сшил наряды для папы римского

Italian fashion designer acted as a costume designer in the TV series about the Pope.

We have become accustomed to the fact that TV series sometimes the quality is not inferior to feature films. To work on them attract Directors and actors from around the world, invite famous composers to write the soundtrack, and the costumers are hired by the legendary couturier. So was the case with the series “Young dad”, where the costume designer was Giorgio Armani.

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New work by Paolo Sorrentino, known for the films “Youth” and “the Great beauty”, demonstrated in the framework of the 73rd International film festival. Not entirely, but only the first two series. But it was enough to appreciate the scale of the work. Young Pope lenny Belardo (a fictional character) played by Jude law. Also in the picture involved such stars as Diane Keaton (“the Godfather”), Scott shepherd (“Spy bridge”, “Jason Bourne”). The action takes place under the intriguing music Lele Marchitelli. Not to mention the costumes of the characters, the development of which participated famous Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani. He created several outfits from the wardrobe of secular characters.

Recall that this is not the first time the fashion house Armani takes part in the creation of costumes for cinema. So, in the 1980 film “American gigolo, where Richard Gere sported things Armani. Then there was the picture “Thirteen oceans”, “the untouchables”, “Mission impossible: Protocol Phantom” and “the Wolf of wall street”.

By the way, at the premiere screening of the show in Venice was an embarrassment. Two well-known Italian model was on the red carpet without panties (READ more HERE). Seems, Armani would a slap in the head is not stroked.

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