Арман Давлетьяров лишился внушительной суммы денег General Director of the music channel “Muz-TV” was robbed of 45 million rubles. Arman Davletyarov wrote a statement to the police. Besides him, the victims of the robbers were even a few people.

      Арман Давлетьяров лишился внушительной суммы денег

      The theft, which occurred today in the largest Russian banks, has excited many customers and users of safety Deposit boxes. As reported in the press, just because of the financial institutions lost money totaling two and a half million Euro and a lot of valuable things. However, of all the victims yet only three went to the police. They wrote a statement about the loss. Among the victims of theft and was General Director of the music channel “Muz-TV” Arman Davletyarov.

      The top Manager was a client of one of the robbed banks. It is this financial institution, in which were kept money and valuables, more than others suffered from the RAID of the criminals. There endured two million euros. The Davletyarov said that personally he had lost quite a large sum – 45 million roubles, as well as jewelry and documents.

      Recall that Arman Davletyarov since 2008 working in the team of the TV channel “Muz-TV” and three years ago became its CEO. And recently, on 13 February, in the family of Arman Davletyarova happened replenishment. The man became a father for the fourth time. His family had long awaited a daughter. Prior to this, in the family of the top Manager were born only boys.

      Apparently, the theft was carefully considered. I suspect that the criminals took out valuables and money during the month, and therefore, the loss was not discovered immediately. Interestingly, in such cases, the Bank is not responsible for missing things. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Depository is not installed surveillance cameras. This means that to see how it is from the room lost money and valuables would be quite difficult.

      In addition to the “shopping City Bank”, the victims of the robbery were Bank clients “Education” and “GenBank”.Now all the victims hope that the criminals would still be able to find. But the most important thing for them is return of their money and property. After all, the lawyers claim that before the tenants banking cell banks are not liable.

      “Actually, hopes to redress a little. Because we are dealing with renting the safe Deposit boxes. The Bank does not know that you put in the cell. After all, you can have a brick, and then say: there was $ 10,000. Employees Bank with you in the Depository are not included. And the Bank can be held liable only in one case — if you enter into an agreement with the Bank and describe property,” the lawyer commented Georgy Ter-Akopov in interview to LifeNews channel.

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