Аркадий Укупник живет в гараже из-за жены The wife of a famous singer, composer and producer started a massive renovation. In this connection, Arkady Ukupnik was forced to move in room for Parking cars. Star equipped it with everything necessary for a comfortable existence.

      Аркадий Укупник живет в гараже из-за жены

      “StarHit” became aware of the fact that the singer Arkady Ukupnik was forced to move. Recently, the artist lives in his own garage. The representative of the star said that son and his wife have arranged this room for a comfortable stay.

      Yet the famous artist he enjoys the company of beloved cars, his wife consulted with the builders about the design of the rooms. Natalia plans to make the nest even more stylish and modern.

      Work to repair homes of a famous singer will last at least six months. So my birthday, which will be held on 18 February, Arkady Ukupnik people, apparently, have to meet in the garage. By the way, in 2013, the artist celebrated the anniversary. A sumptuous feast was held in the restaurant Safisa. To congratulate the music star came to his colleagues and other close people, including Joseph Kobzon with his wife Nellie, Larissa Rubalskaya, Lev Leshchenko, Valery and Joseph Prigozhin, Gregory Leps, Oleg Gazmanov and Marina, Denis Klyaver, Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova, Ekaterina and Aleksandr Strizhenov, Yuli Gusman, Olga Orlova, Dmitry Dibrov, Alsu and Yan Abramov, Alla Dukhova, and many others. The main a birthday gift made him a lovely daughter, Sonia, who came on stage with mom and dad.

      Аркадий Укупник живет в гараже из-за жены

      Recall that the Arcadia Kupnik belongs to the apartment in a luxurious town house located in the settlement “Barvikha”. Among the neighbors of the composer, singer and producer you can find Sergey Mazaev, Dmitry Malikov, Eva Polna, Boris Moiseyev, and other figures of show business. During a conversation with journalists, Arkady said that he liked the house’s location and well developed infrastructure. Before you decide to buy expensive real estate, the artist and his spouse looked at and evaluated a lot of options.

      In addition, the famous singer has an apartment in Moscow. Arkady and his wife are authors of the design project, according to which all the rooms are of irregular shape three or five corners. However, the son does not consider himself an architect. He just comes up with different ideas, which then brings to life. But the internal decor of the room was engaged in my favorite wife star Natalia. Arkady also admitted to journalists that for him the main thing in the house – clean and tidy.