Арарат Кещян перестал скрывать лицо дочери Actor’s wife decided to represent girl fans. The fans began to speak out, who are more like little Eva. Ararat, Kesan and his wife Catherine for a long time the baby photographed only from the back.

      Star of TV series “Univer” Ararat, Kesan raising a two year old daughter eve. The actor and his wife Catherine quite often tell fans about the life of a child and share fun photos and videos. However, the man did not show the baby’s face, avoiding the attention of the public. But on the eve of the artist’s wife decided to acquaint fans with a two-year girl. Video by daughter of Ararat Cesana blew up the Internet

      “Sunday family. Let dad at work, but together. Here, probably, close to make out the eve Karatovo,” wrote the wife of actor.

      Despite the fact that little Eva posing in sunglasses, subscribers found the girl incredibly charming and touching. They admired the appearance of the baby and expressed their opinions on who is more like the successor of the actor. “A happy”, “pretty girl”, “Eva – a kind of hybrid of mom and dad”, “nose And daddy’s lips, smile, happiness, family, Keshan”, “Daddy’s daughter! Be happy,” wrote a follower.

      Ararat, Kesan tries to spend as much time as possible with his family. Despite his busy schedule, he devotes every waking moment to spend with my daughter and wife. By the way, Catherine herself successfully combines the education of the child with their own business. The woman involved in the organization of weddings. Apparently, Catherine and little Eva is ready to accompany Ararat to work, so as not to be separated for a long time. Wife of the actor believes that it only binds a family together and leaves the children with wonderful memories.

      “Lately, if my husband works on Sunday and wasn’t here to have fun, we are going to see him on the set. This is a direct part of the tradition. I remember when I was little, I loved to go to work with mom. I loved the important pug to press the buttons of the calculator and computer keyboard (back then it was rare utter). I searched every little corner in the airport of his hometown. For me, the building seemed huge and very mysterious. And dad, whilst being a traffic police officer, managed to take me. Ride with dad in the car according to his deeds – how can there be something more interesting? Yes, it was a special day. I still remember them. Maybe bead will remember these moments for a lifetime,” says the wife Cesana.